It’s hard doing business in the wilderness.

Shearwater Resort & Marina

Denny Island, British Columbia

52.152423, -128.094257

Shearwater Resort & Marina’s operations were at the mercy of a single, expensive, limited bandwidth connection. Now they have a purpose built network to service their guests.

Shearwater Resort

Shearwater is a world-class fishing and eco resort in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Shearwater Resort is a fishing lodge operation at the edge of the spectacular and remote Great Bear Rainforest. Guests fly-in from around the world to challenge the mighty Chinook and escape from civilization.

An Xplornet satellite dish

A remote location comes with massive communication challenges. More and more business operations need reliable communication – staff devices, reservations computers, credit card processing, VoIP, payroll, inventory, weather. Despite wanting to unplug, resort guests expect to have access to the internet when they need it.

Before Hakai installed the Shearwater network, the site was using the only option available: a pricey, limited bandwith T1 connection. It was insufficient to handle all of the different users on site from office staff to hotel and marina guests.

With a single site visit Hakai was able to plan and preconfigure an entire network.

Being such a remote site, a big challenge was presented in implementation. Attention to detail is paramount, there are no options for locating a missing or forgotten component once on site.

We’ve installed a system that combines multiple internet connections, centralizes control and provides rock-solid wifi over a large, spread-out area.

The magic is both hardware and software operating in concert, chosen by Hakai to provide flexibility in configuration and scalability. We’ve been able to streamline complex and expensive systems into something affordable, reliable and quick to install.

Shearwater Resort at night