Satellite Internet & Communications

After years of working off the grid, Hakai developed an approach that turns satellite internet into something you can depend on. With a combination of custom configured hardware and software solutions, we can turn satellite internet into a service that supports business.

The satellite internet experience has been notoriously slow and unreliable. As users we place increasingly high demands on satellite connections which can quickly overwhelm the connection.

Hakai has developed a different approach that turns satellite internet into something you can depend on. By bonding together many single services, we can achieve an expandable network that increases capacity.

VoIP, POS, Back Office

Modern business functions rely on the internet to communicate, from phones and email to reservations and credit card processing. Hakai’s solutions makes internet connections more reliable, so you can continue with your time critical transactions during peak network traffic.

Multiple Networks in One

Today, being able to accommodate multiple user types on your network is vital. We can install a single physical business network that logically separates your guests and staff from your critical business operation. All of this comes with fine-grained access and control to keep information flowing at high demand times.

Scalable and Flexible

Our networks are built to be flexible in function and scalable in capacity. As your site and number of users grow, your network investment can grow with it. Let us take care of all the details and challenges of getting your network up and running in a remote off-grid environment.

Case Study: Shearwater Resort

Shearwater Resort was relying on a costly, single internet connection for both guest and business network functions. Hakai installed a remote internet system that reduced their monthly bill, increased WiFi coverage, securely isolated their business network, and allowed them to start selling high-speed internet access to their guests.

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